Museum of the Mind

Museum of the Mind has two locations; one in Haarlem and one in Amsterdam. In the museum in Haarlem you can discover more about your own mind and those of others in an interactive way. In Amsterdam you can see exhibitions with outsider art, in which artists show their imaginative inner world. All tickets must be purchased online in advance.

Museum of the Mind | Dolhuys

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In this historical building, you will get to peek inside the minds of artists, writers and scientists. The museum invites you on an interactive voyage of discovery into your own mind, and those of others. A museum bursting with personal stories, surprising art and an expansive historical collection, straddling the boundaries between healthcare, art and science. A visit to the museum, located in a centuries-old former leprosarium, plague hospice and madhouse, is an experience focused on the wonder and versatility of the mind. Come visit and allow yourself to wonder about what is normal. Are you normal?

A historical building
The Dolhuys is situated in a unique medieval building: the former lepers-, plague and madhouse. For years the building lay outside the city walls of Haarlem, sheltering the ‘insane’ and people with contagious diseases such as plague and leprosy. Go back in time and visit one of the very few remaining isolation chambers in Europe, dating from the 16th century. What does it feel like to be locked away in such a dark and confided space?

Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art

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The Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art is the only museum in the Netherlands that shows leading art works by national and international Outsider Artists. Experience the extraordinary art made by individuals who, for the most part, are not formally trained as artists. Their work is authentic, unconventional and goes against the grain.

The museum presents surprising, unpolished art. Step into a completely new world and into the wild rollercoaster of Outsider Artists, who sometimes go about their work almost manically. The inner world of these artists is often so full that it overflows into a great oeuvre. In this museum you will look at art in a different way.

The Museum of the Mind | Outsider Art is located in the Hermitage Amsterdam.

Dolhuys Foundation

As a foundation, we believe in a society in which, when your mind works differently than normal, you are heard and seen and can participate on the basis of equality. The two museums that we operate give a voice to people in society who were previously not represented in the cultural landscape.

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