Marie-Louise Bergeaud (Antinéa)

Prior to her marriage, Marie-Louise Bergeaud works in a tax office for five years. Around the age of thirty-five, she suddenly becomes mute and then expresses deranged ideas. Interned in 1938, she starts to draw a few years later, claiming to be Antinéa, a “female divinity.” Realized in watercolor or crayon, her works show figures, often divinities, and symbols taken from a particularly rich personal belief system.

Upon meeting Jean Dubuffet in 1948 Antinéa showed him her sketchbook. Dubuffet noted during his visit: ‘It would be wise to take pictures of her work, in case I should not be able to get hold of the original.’ Antinéa made it clear during their initial contact that she did not want to part with her work. She did agree to swap a few of her works for painting material and paper.

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