Coen Ringeling

Coen Ringeling’s favourite activity at school and at home is drawing. At home he tapes eight A4 sheets of paper together and, lying on the floor, uses a colour pencil to draw worlds on islands that are connected by bridges and dikes. The islands are named Coenny Kingdom, Mauve-Rock Kingdom and Eiland (Island) Kingdom. Fantastic-sounding places such as Moefi Islands, Toy-Toy World and Coeny Worlds Studios are also drawn in minute detail using a felt pen and then coloured in with pencil, all according to ‘Coen’s Laws’. Close examination of the drawings reveals a never-ending series of new elements and optical jokes akin to the work of Ringeling’s idol, M.C. Escher: stairs lead nowhere and houses turn into castles. Ringeling also enjoys referring to computer games with self-invented ‘levels’ such as Level 1: The lost building site; Level 2: The journey to the summit of Mount Crumilu; Level 3: The daring escape from the flying saucer, all forcefully concluded with: „You build them! You steer them! You defeat them!’’

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